Apply by 7 November 2021 to Advance Your Digital Shell Construction Solution with Doka, a Global Formwork Industry Leader

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Doka is a world leader in providing innovative formwork, solutions, and services in all areas of construction. Doka’s clients include construction companies responsible for the largest and most complex construction sites in the world.

Doka believes there are three things that are crucial at construction sites for everyday operations. These are site efficiency and worker safety as well as handling of material. Therefore, Doka is looking to collaborate with innovative startups, scaleups, and mature companies developing Digital Construction tools and solutions in the framework of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2022.

Doka & Digital Construction

Doka is constantly on the lookout for digital solutions for construction companies that make workflows more efficient, simplify material handling and make the construction site safer. Through this, Doka aims to increase productivity in the construction industry with innovative digital services. The company understands that this is a field that calls for specific engineering expertise, innovative technology, and decades of experience.

The Josef Umdasch Research Prize

Since 1990, the Umdasch Group has been supporting outstanding achievements in research and development through the Josef Umdasch Research Prize. As a result of the cooperation with the World Summit Awards (WSA), which has been in existence since 2018, the Josef Umdasch Research Prize increasingly targets startups, entrepreneurs, and future-oriented thinkers around the globe who inspire enthusiasm with an innovative project idea.

Building on Last Year’s Success

The 2021 edition of the Josef Umdasch Research Prize witnessed 87 registrations from 41 countries that led to 17 shortlisted ideas.

The winner, Romanian startup SecurifAI, builds software that uses cameras to detect abnormalities. The startup’s deep learning technology solution offers a wide range of applications for the companies of Umdasch Group. For example, the software recognizes whether everyone at a construction site is wearing a helmet and safety equipment.

Other solutions developed by last year’s finalists include:

Estonian startup Fyma enables multi-target multi-camera non-overlapping tracking.
Zeitdice is a Canadian startup that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI)-controlled time-lapse cameras to detect emissions and anomalies.

Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2022: Digitalization in Shell Construction

The Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2022 seeks your innovative ideas on digitalization in shell construction. Doka seeks solutions that address one of three main challenges that arise in tough everyday construction site situations: efficiency, safety, and material handling.

Your idea is particularly relevant if it falls under one of these areas.

Process Optimization
Material Management
Field Data Management
Smart Products
Quality Control & Documentation

Participants must present the tangible benefits of their idea or solutions that can be directly applied to Doka’s clients, construction companies in shell construction. Doka is also interested to understand how your idea or solution can find an application in shell construction even though it was intended for a different sector.

All startups, students, and innovators throughout the world who have practical use cases and ideas regarding digitalization in shell construction are eligible to apply.

What’s in it for you?

Each finalist (selected among all participants) will receive 5,000€ to develop their idea further and make it pitch-ready for the final pitch presentation in March 2022!

The final winner will also be invited to contract negotiations with Doka.

Here’s the timeline:

Registrations close: 7 November 2021
Video Calls with shortlisted teams: November & December 2021
Finalists will be notified until the end of December 2021 (Rewarded with EUR 5,000)
Meet & Greet in Amstetten, Austria: Late January 2022
Final Pitch at World Summit Awards: 22 – 24 March 2022

Apply for the Josef Umdasch Research Prize 2022 by 7 November & realize your idea for digitalization in shell construction!




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