Benefits of Starting a Business in Dutch

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Netherlands have sincerely been proved in advancing for attracting international corporative investing parties for years for starting a Dutch business. The prominent locus of this land, climate, turgidity of flexible tax regime has always helped for one yearning to deliver a startup of business activity here. Stabilized macroeconomic persistency and the fair and legal system of transparency in corporative issues is a core base in Netherlands if you are turning for beginning your business chain here. 

Furthermore, many advancing multinational companies, from all continents, have used the Netherlands as a holding jurisdiction and as their European business hub. Notwithstanding the recent turbulent times, direct investments into Europe increased lately. Also the Netherlands, with its strong, internationally focused economy and open business environment witnessed an increase.

Let’s now have a quick look at certain esteemed benefits of starting a business in Dutch.

Legalİnvestment Opportunity 

Dutch law offers various types of legal entities in which investments can take form, such as a private limited liability company or a public limited liability company.Possible is to incorporate a foundation, association or cooperative and several partnerships. The most commonly used partnerships are the ‘VOF’ and the ‘CV’.These partnerships are not considered as taxable entities for Dutch corporate income tax.


The Dutch Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (The Dutch GAAP) include all of the Dutch accounting procedures and rules. These principles observe EU Directives. Companies registered in the Netherlands are mainly regulated according to Book 2 of the Netherlands Civil Code. Corporate income tax returns must be filed annually, within six months after the end of the financial year.

Flexible Taxation Regime 

The Netherlands entice investors majorly because of its featured and flexible taxation policy applied differently to residential and foreign companies. There is a 20% revenue charged for income over 200,000 Euros and 25% revenue for the taxable profits that exceed 200,000 Euros. Foreign companies are offered a Corporate İncome Tax which accounts on the source of income that are Dutch based.

The Location

The Netherlands has a great geographical location which provides for important investment opportunities in sectors like logistics and transportation. The Netherlands, which shares it borders with Germany and Belgium, is often referred to as “Holland”, the identity of the two western coastal provinces, North and South Holland, which are at the core of the country and have played a dominant role in the history of the Netherlands. Thanks to their location on to the Rhine-Maas estuary, these provinces are very important for the economy. They also contain the country’s principal administrative and commercial cities – Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.

As you have come across some speculative yet astounding features of benefits of corporative measures in the Netherlands, you are sure to be quite willing to invest in this place if you are one enthusiast if you ever got the chance. The country focuses mainly on gross produced income for revenues at throughout the world per year for revenue policies for both residential and foreign investors. The liable background of anchored economy is also a key feature in business sector. You can choose to continue investigating more about the prerequisites on investment in Dutch as there are thousands of sources to back the claims mentioned above and become satisfied before you take the step. To know more about the Dutch business beneficial schemes & plans, you can visit this website.

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