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Movie Name: Gully Rowdy

Director: G Nageswara Reddy

Lead Cast: Bobby Simha, Neha Shetty, Sundeep Kisan

Release Date: 17th September 2021

Music: Ram Miriyala, Sai Karthik

Movie Plot in Brief

Gully Rowdy, released on 17th September 2021, is a Telegu movie that depicts the story of a young man, Vasu, and his newfound love. The movie is a romantic action film where Vasu (Sundeep Kisan), a young man from an Andhra rowdy family, falls deeply in love with Sahithi (Neha Shetty). He then struggles to balance his love interest with his family and friend’ expectations.

While Vasu is from a Rowdy family of Visakhapatnam, where his grandfather wishes him to be a Rowdy after Vasu’s father’s death, Sahithi is Police Inspector Parrapagalu Venkata Rao’s daughter. Vasu joins hands with Venkata Rao to kidnap Byragi, another rowdy occupying Venkata Rao. However, the movie takes unexpected turns as Byragi gets killed while kidnapping.

Movie Review

Gully Rowdy has received 78% hearts in and has been praised by youngsters as spicy entertainment. However, we found the characterizations of this movie to be inconsistent. The story lacks subject depth, ultimately spoiling the entertainment of the movie.

To be Specific, Gully Rowdy Shows Unnecessary Rowdyism Along with Silly Jokes.

It is, however, appreciable how Director Nageswara Reddy switched his movie genre from comedy to romantic actions and managed to keep the humor or comedy in an action film.  

The movie began with an interesting introduction, family drama, and young love. But it was not late before viewers understood that the movie is more inclined towards the rowdy angle than romance and comedy. The director made an impeccable effort to infuse comic reliefs in a rowdy storyline.

The movie shows how Vasu gets reluctantly groomed into rowdiness as a boy by another rowdy Naidu on his grandfather’s order. The first half an hour of the movie focuses on how Vasu’s grandfather forces him to turn into a rowdy despite his reluctance to keep the family prestige and take revenge on Byragi, another Rowdy. 

The next phase shows how Vasu struggles to balance his role as a rowdy and as an ordinary youth in love with a woman named Sahithi. He, however, manages to emerge as a hero with his Rowdyism when he rescues Sahithi from the villain.  

The hero, Sundeep Kishan, seems lost among his co-actors. The movie is too loud with rowdiness, and the director’s attempt to infuse comedy is futile. Rajendra Prasad is no doubt great, but he seems to fail in breaking his mannerism stereotype. 

Rajendra Prasad plays a cop, Venkata Rao, whose land has been captured by the villain Byragi. Byragi is also the killer of Vasu’s father. Samithi, the daughter of Venkata Rao, seeks Vasu’s assistance in kidnapping Byragi. The villain, unfortunately, gets killed in the kidnapping process, thus angering Raghu Naik, the villain’s son, and a top police officer. Raghu now sets out to collect evidence against Venkata Rao’s family. The movie ends with absurd revealings, disappointing the audience. 

Though Kona Venkat produced the movie, it failed to be a success or super hit. Neither lead pair, Sundeep and Neha’s performance was noteworthy, nor were the comedy scenes by Vennela Kishore. Even the cinematography and music failed to sway the audience.

Seemingly the director tried to combine rom-com with action for the best entertainment. But the efforts failed to create the expected impact.

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