The Beauty of Sydney that sets it apart from the Rest of Australia

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Australia is home to a diverse range of culture which is apparent in each of its territories. In Tasmania, you’ll find yourself immersed in the coldest regions with the world’s cleanest air, but if you head towards Sydney, you’ll find the culture there vastly different. Instead of unending nature trails, you’ll find yourself surrounded by rich heritage and of course, the iconic Sydney opera house. 

Haven for young working professionals

While Melbourne holds the top spot for Best Student City, Sydney comes in close as a clear second, but it is a great city for budding graduates. Whether you’ve just completed a digital marketing course or have a degree in architecture, Sydney scores highly for employer activity, with many imported talents from all over. Giving it an enjoyable environment for young professionals who are looking to escape from their mundane lives and maybe to meet like-minded people. What do young working professionals and tourists have in common? Socializing and partying, which is done earnestly in every Australian city. 

Proximity to the beautiful coast

While Sydney is by no means the only city in the world built on the coast, it is one of the best. The proximity of the beach to the city is one of the unique features of Sydney, and many locals are known to take advantage of that fact and dip into the waters during their lunch break. Going to the beach is no longer just a leisurely activity, but one that is closely integrated into their daily lives. Tourists can also experience this culture simply by visiting the city and watching what the locals do, and when you’re tired of the beach, their cafe culture in Sydney is almost ridiculously bountiful as it is interesting.

Phenomenal food and a wide range of diversity

Sydney may not be known for its multicultural scene, but the food that is available tells a different story. You can easily get authentic European cuisine such as Spanish street food or Italian pizzas. On the other hand, you’ll also find that there are tons of restaurants that cater to Asian palates. The cafes though, are what really takes the cake. Originally set up by Greeks and Italians, the cafes brew delicious cups of coffee and also emulates the architecture of other cultures, which makes it an interesting place to take some IG-worthy shots. 

Their nature is as gorgeous as their culture

You might think that beaches are about as good as it gets in Sydney, but that’s not the case at all. Mountain ranges and park trails are breathtakingly beautiful and if you’re not much of a hiker, you can still appreciate the beauty that Sydney has to offer by renting a campervan and seeing the city as it’s made to be enjoyed: without the restrictions of public commute. But if you’re only planning to stay in the city, you’ll have your breath taken away by the botanical gardens and bike-friendly parkland all over the city.

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