Three Must-Have Tools for Budding Entrepreneurs

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Having a successful and fulfilling career is something that plenty of us strive for. Whether you have grown up knowing the exact career that you want or are still figuring things out, achieving your dream job is something that cannot be beaten. 

That being said, any entrepreneur reading this and beyond is sure to agree when we say that it is not smooth sailing. Obstacles and bumps in the road aplenty can often cause your plans to run off course. Some people struggle to navigate these challenging processes, while others take them in their stride.

What sets these people apart is being as prepared as possible while also ensuring that you have the right tools and resources for the job. Naturally, what tools and resources you need for your job would depend on what industry or sector you are in. While some tools are universal and used across the board, others are a bit more industry-specific.

Suppose you are in the position where you are launching your entrepreneurial journey. You might be attempting to establish what tools you need to be successful. If this is the case, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. 

Detailed here, you will find just that; whether you are heading straight into your career fresh from university or are in the midst of a career change, we feel confident you will find something of value here. 

Finance and Accounting

Keeping your finances in check is of utmost importance, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Being able to pay for tools and resources for the running of your business while generating a healthy income should be on the top of your list. 

Naturally, you would have a sum of money to rely on when initially launching your company. While this is undoubtedly helpful in the grand scheme of things, it should only be relied on in the short term; it is not a viable resource for keeping your business afloat in the long run. 

Implementing one of the many available software programmes into your business model will enable you to monitor the income and outgoings of your business in one place. Long gone are the days of physical invoices from clients and other companies; using a single online portal will ensure you can keep track of unpaid invoices and send reminders where appropriate.

At the same time, programmes like these enable you to pay your employees their wages in a safe and timely manner. Whether you intend to remain a small business or want to expand into a significantly sized one, software like these can be used across the board. 


It goes without saying and is glaringly obvious, but communication is key to success. Communicating with those internally and externally effectively is paramount for your overall growth as a business. Not to mention, communication and networking are valuable tools when collaborating with others and creating opportunities for yourself. 

Within the business world, communication comes in various forms. As a result, you can expect to find a wide variety of tools and resources for communicating with others. Social media platforms provide businesses with the opportunity to communicate with their audiences in a creative and engaging way. Offering the chance to develop a two-way communication channel with customers enables you to establish yourself as a receptive business.

Ensuring that you have social media accounts open across a wide range of platforms will increase the scope for the number of potential customers you are reaching and give you a varied opportunity for networking and communicating. 

At the same time, while communicating with customers and target audiences is undoubtedly essential, there are other critical people who make up your business model who you also need to remain in contact with. Employees, partners, and other people within your company need to be reachable at various times of the day. 

Not to mention, depending on your line of work will depend on whether your employees will need a work phone or not. Keeping your work and personal life separate is important, after all. Providing your employees with a company phone is an excellent way of ensuring you can contact them throughout your business working hours. What’s more, you will be able to tailor the mobile plan that you select, to suit the needs of your business. 

Lebara SIM only plans, for example, enables interested parties such as yourself with the opportunity to contact forty-one international countries; ideal if you are negotiating and doing business with people abroad. Whether you choose a plan just for yourself or for your entire workforce is entirely up to you. Rest assured that you will be able to continue conducting business across borders without worrying about excessive charges. 

Health and Safety

Those who work within the comforts of an office space might turn a blind eye to this suggestion. ‘How could I get hurt in the office?’ you might find yourself asking. Believe us when we say that this is easier said than done. You needn’t be working in a harsh environment to injure yourself in some way. 

When you register yourself as a business with the appropriate governing bodies, it is recommended that you read up on any health and safety regulations that you must comply with. Ensuring that you embody and actively encourage a healthy working environment will go a long way and minimise the risk to you, your employees, and anyone who might visit the business premises. 

At the same time, there are tools and resources that you can use as a business owner to ensure that your company is as safe as it can be, and this goes beyond the parameters of the physical health of those in the business. Championing a mental health officer within your company will ensure that no one in your company struggles and that they have the right access and support when facing moments of adversity.

While the tools you need to keep your company safe will differ based on the work you are doing, there are a wide variety of universal tools you can use. This includes the likes of a fully stocked first aid kit and anything relating to fire safety in your business. Training employees in all things’ first aid and basic safety will further contribute to your company’s overall safety. Rest assured in tense moments that your employees will be able to step up to the plate and help. 

Risk assessments should be taken out regularly in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. While they might seem tedious to complete at the time, they will ensure that you take the necessary precautions to uphold the safety of your business while also identifying any potential or existing issues. 

While we recognise that this list was short and that there are plenty of other tools and resources for existing and budding entrepreneurs alike, we hope it has shed some light on what you can use moving forward. Regardless of the industry or sector that you have your eyes on, we feel confident that you will be successful in your endeavours. Go forth knowing that what you are doing and using is making a difference, both now and in the future. 

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