Tips To Select A Good Security Seal for your Merchandise

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If you own a business, you know the importance of keeping your merchandise safe from any influence. It is vital that shipments remain secure always. You can get huge losses if this does not happen. A security seal can help out here.

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The following aims to tell you how to choose a security seal for your purpose:

Know the security seal’s purpose

It is important to research what the security seal will actually be able to do. If you do this you can choose the right one for your needs. Keep in mind the value of the merchandise for which the seals are going to be used. According to this you can select one.

There are different types of security seals available. Read on to find out more:

Cable seals

These are durable seals which are employed to seal valves, locked doors, along with other products which possess a small opening through which some cable wire may be inserted. It is better to look for those cable seals that meet ISO ratings present for high security. These can be used to protect international cargo shipping items.

Keep in mind that different size jobs need different cable lengths, however, excess cable length is able to be simply trimmed. You can get them in various cable diameters also.

Bolt seals

These are another high-security seal which tends to be made with a complicated locking mechanism. They however are self-locking and do not need tools. They are simple to put in place as well. The seals have a steel bolt along with a tamper-evident body part which gets manually attached to create a seal. These seals tend to be customizable by color, print, as well as barcoding. This gives one extra security layer.

The seals are perfect for containers, trailer door latches, as well as cross border shipments. The seals need a bolt cutter to get removed.

Fixed-length plastic seals

These are said to be the toughest type of plastic seal. They function really well when wanting to keep cargo safe for truck shipments. The seals are said to be inexpensive and are a wonderful choice for those who are on a budget.

Plastic pull-tight seals

The seals are like fixed-length plastic seals, but are available in more breaking strengths. They are also adjustable to match certain requirements. Adjustable plastic seals can be beneficial when you have different requirements because these are versatile.

Wire seals

These seals have multiple varieties like plastic pull-tight seals. They can be used when seals have to fit thorough some small opening. Apart from this you can get metal strap seals and padlock seals as well.

There are different brands selling security seals like Hoefon Security Seals. It is better to invest in a good-quality one if you want it to fulfill your aims perfectly. If any tampering or harm occurs to your merchandise, you will lose out on much. This is why you need to be sure that everything is protected perfectly.

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