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Movie Name: Vijaya Raghavan

Initial Release: 17th September 2021

Lead Cast: Vijay Anthony, Aathmika, Ramchandra Raju

Director: Ananda Krishna

Music: Nivas K Prasanna

Movie Plot

Vijaya Raghavan is a Telegu film that says the story of Raghava (Vijaya Anthony), whose mother dreams of him becoming an IAS officer one day. Though she is a former Panchayati President, he failed to serve her village properly because of goons. She believes it in her heart that IAS officers hold more powerful grounds than goons, so he wishes his son to be one to make things right. Raghava being studious, has full capability of fulfilling his mother’s dream. 

The story takes unexpected turns when Raghava’s past deeds come in the way of his dreams. 

Movie Review

The movie has received a 2/5 rating and is a one-time entertainment. In simple terms, it shows too much politics and action and has overcrowding of characters.

By judging the character of Vijaya Raghava, we can say that Vijaya Anthony showed no variation in his performance. He is stuck by his stereotype, a calm, good guy who turns rowdy to fight the villain. 

The movie follows a typical Indian flow with politics and action on the one hand and romance on the other. There is an undercurrent sentiment in the romantic angle of the film, along with group dances. 

It is a tailormade fiction of Director Ananda Krishna that failed to develop as it should have. The political angle of the film has been over-dramatized, making the film lengthy. Though it is not new to us, the political situation and Vijaya’s mother’s sentiments are well-established in the movie.

While politics forms the core of this film, we can’t miss out on the protagonism of Raghava, making his stand in the Government Colony of slum dwelling. In the first half of the movie, Raghava focuses on tutoring school kids and women of the slum with sincerity. However, the scenario and determination change in the second half.

In the second half of the movie, we see repetitive fight scenes making it a bit boring for viewers. Though the action scenes are well-done, we can’t appreciate them well. Even the romantic angle of the movie is not well-handled. There is no realistic approach to the plot, and it is immaterial to a real movie plot. The twists and turns of the movie are highly predictive. The second half gets exciting but soon loses its charm. The film stretches so much that the Director rushed the last half an hour of the movie to end it.

The movie focuses completely on Vijaya Raghav mostly. The character of Athmika, the heroine, didn’t leave any impact on us. Though she is there in the movie’s first half, the romantic angle goes missing after the interval, and so does her character. Kalakeya Prabhakar played a stronger and crucial role as the mother than Aathmika. Ramachandra Raju, the known villain of Telegu movies, got a short role in this movie and kept his performance highlighted. The remaining characters in the movie are unnecessary and overcrowding, and the cast had pathetic acting.

We believe the movie could have been better if the plot had been well-executed. Though the movie reaches an ending, it leaves many desired plots. The unexpected jumps in the movie are far-stretched and unrealistic. But the emotions in the climax are too obvious and convenient. Vijaya Raghavan could have been a better film had the second half been less violent and repetitive. 

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