Want to Hire Video Game Artists?

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It’s amazing to see how quickly video games have evolved, especially when compared to other entertainment mediums like moviesOver the past thirty years, we have moved from simple pixel art to complex 3D models and environmentsWhile designers and programmers contribute to the creation of virtual worlds, it is the game artist who brings them to life through concept art, animation, textures and more. Are you looking for someone who can do the right job really well for your project? Try to contact reliable game art outsourcing companies.

A game artist creates 2D and 3D visuals for things like people, cars, props, decorations, backgrounds, objects, colors, textures, and clothing in video games. All of these elements contribute to the game’s aesthetic and feel.  Game artists still employ conventional handdrawn sketching in the early phases of their work, despite the fact that their work is aimed towards computer graphics. The beauty we perceive in the threedimensional play space is thanks to this professional. A 3D artist develops game world items and models, as well as environment designs, light models, and visual effects.

In today’s gaming industry, the need for 3D artists is constantly growing as AAA games compete with each other for photorealism. Well, wins in this battle of the titans, as always, talent and love for their work.

The tasks of a 3D game artist include not only modeling in Maya, Blender and other 3Deditors. Often the artist goes all the way alonefrom preparing a sketch of a prototype in an arbitrary format (even in large studios they can draw them by hand), to drawing a detailed 2D sketch in Adobe Photoshop or another professional editor, modeling and exporting a model.

Large companies can look for 3D artists in different directions:

3D modeler. Creates objects: buildings, weapons, characters, things.
Environment artist. Creates a visual environment, landscapes, is engaged in building and scaling the world. It can also work with textures.
Lighting designer. Works on light dynamics, adjusts brightness levels and color palette to create a certain mood in the game or within an individual scene.
Animator. Brings 3D models to life, adds character to game characters. Achieves realistic movement even from objects that do not exist in our world.

Often the skills of a 3D game artist are required from specialists who will work primarily in 2D: develop prototypes, draw concept art for games with 3D elements or projects in a fully 3D environment. Understanding the specifics of 3D graphics is essential for an artist who plans to work with graphics for games in any form.

3D artists are one of the most flexible and creative specialties in the game industry. A good specialist can work simultaneously on several large projects on freelance or change studios, choosing projects according to their interest.

Workplace for game artists

Game development firms are always on the hunt for a game artist that has a distinct style, aptitude, and creativity. In both large and small enterprises, they are a valuable asset. Small game companies are seeking for game artists that can manage a wide range of tasks and are tasked with a wide range of art-related obligations. Artists are given more concentrated and specialized work by larger businesses. At times, work may be difficult and unpleasant (especially when a deadline is approaching).

How do you go about finding an artist for your project?

Check out these sites since they feature a page or a forum discussion that teaches how to create a decent post and how to utilize the site.

Pixel Joint Discussion Forums. Go to the Lounge section’s Job Offers discussion post. To post, you must first register.
Forums for Conceptual Art. You’ll have to register once again.
gamedev.net. Select Ads> Job Offers from the navigation bar. To post the job, you’ll need to create an account, as normal.
There is another option if you do not want to spend a long time and painfully selecting a game artist who will meet your requirements. You can contact Kevuru Games, which will help you save time and money, because you only need to tell about your requirements and give an assignment. Further, you will simply expect a quick and highquality result.

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